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Why Younger Men Like Older Women?

1. Attraction

While some may find it odd that a young man surrounded by girls his age would find an older woman attractive. The answer is quite simple. Many of them are attractive.

While the media and fashion world may continue to hold up the twenty something girl as the standard of beauty, it has already dawned on many young guys that the bandwidth they are using is way too narrow and has been for years. Sometimes a woman in her twenties is just so-so when it comes to looks but for whatever reason blossoms into a real beauty when she gets older.

2. Maturity

At times, the communication younger men are looking for requires something a little deeper than what ladies in his age range may be able to provide. This is not meant as a stereotype for all younger women; particularly since girls mature faster than boys in most instances.

Yet older women by default bring more life experiences into the relationship. Being with someone who has been there and done that, yet at the same time can nurture the growth of their partner without trying to be in command of the relationship can be an exhilarating ride.

3. Comfort

No matter how society today forces young people to grow up fast, there is still a lot they do not know. Combining that with peer pressure can really ratchet up the stress level. This rings especially true when it comes to intimacy. You are supposed to know what to do but you don’t because you may not have much understanding in knowing exactly what you are supposed to do.

This is another area where the life experiences of an older woman can be a major benefit. It’s not that you want to be treated like someone who just fell off the turnip truck or even that you need someone to “take control.” But using their experience to establish a comfort level can be a real ego booster for both parties.

There are probably an almost unlimited number of reasons why an older woman and younger man decide to have a relationship. The thing to remember is they are more than likely the same reasons older men go with younger women or for that matter a relationship between two people who are identical in age.