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Why You Do Not Want Your Ex Back?

1. The Changes

It’s all well and good for you to change your ways or perspective but what about your ex? Did they actually say if you change this, that or the other thing about yourself they will return? Even if they did, for things to truly work your ex has to undergo a little transformation also. Are they willing to do that?

2. Complete the Voyage?

Once you start to make the changes you have to keep at it. You may decide half way through the journey that you are not that bad. Sure you want your ex back but for the most part you like who you are. You don’t want to change that much.

3. Walking In Circles

Even with the new attitude and willingness on both sides to make a clean start, in essence you are going over the same ground. You and your ex may add some fresh new touches to the relationship but consider the fact that a lot of the dynamics are already in place. It may not be long before you both find yourself back in the same old situation no matter how hard you tried (or pretended) to give it a different slant.

4. The Big Big World

Look it was wonderful while it lasted but even when trying to get your ex back, the thought will probably cross your mind on occasion that maybe there is someone new out there who you can connect with ten times better than you ever did with your ex. Anything is possible. When times were good you and your ex clicked but who’s to say you cannot find that with someone else? Sometimes the only reason people want their ex back is they fear the unknown.