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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Dealing With Relationships

We play the major role of complicating relationships and we end up confused; without an answer. For you to deal with relationships effectively, you have to start even before you get into one. Make up your mind that drama is not for you and, you will be the master of your destiny. Drama is the keyword when it comes to most problematic relationships. In a bid to outdo each other, you end up hurting the person you love and, you can never agree to work things out. First, it is paramount to know why you want to enter in a relationship in the first place. There are many people who have opted to remain single and they experience unimaginable peace. However, most of us will not have the endurance to be happy on our own therefore, for the purpose of companionship, we enter into relationships.

This is a good reason to enter into a marital or long term relationship. I say it is good because there are people who continue to enter into relationships with reasons that are not good enough. For example, if you are a material girl, it is in order for you to consider your financial stability before all things. You will be tempted to enter into marriage for the sole purpose of financial security. Everyone has the right to enter into relationships for the reasons that suit them but, if you are one of those people who are too material, you are likely to have a harder time dealing with relationships. At the end of the day, all you really want is peace of mind because this is the basis of all happiness. Therefore, if you can, do not enter into a marriage for reasons other than true need for companionship. Dealing with relationships that are mutual is not a piece of cake and, if your union is built on the wrong foundation, it is just a matter of time before you find yourself picking the pieces.

Dealing with relationships that are bad is very much possible. When you find that they joy that you once knew is gone, it is not time to count all the flaws and evils your partner has, you need to sit down with a calm objective mind and look for solutions. This will avoid lots of drama. In many instances, where things turn nasty, partners have not humbled themselves enough. Be the big man or woman and try to reason with your spouse. If you are no longer willing to perch things up, there is no reason why you should withstand an unhappy union; you have an option. You need to realize that life is short and you might waste all your life doing damage control when you should be progressing in all aspects of your life.


Jealousy In Relationships

Jealousy in relationships is a strong emotion that comes to a person to show some form of fear. This may be fear of losing love, fear of being abandoned, fear of being dishonored, and fear of public shame and so on. This fear is as real as you can have it. Apart from fear, there are so many other reasons why jealousy is rampant in society. Unresolved issues from relationships of the past will make an individual harbor feeling of jealousy in their present union. Low self esteem is another thing that will see people getting jealous for no particular reason also, when you are hiding something, you might be very suspicious of your partner and you are bound to get jealous at many instances. Hate for a particular person may cause jealousy. For example, as a wife, if there is a girl you are not fond of, you might get jealous when they start being friendly to your man. Jealousy can act as a mechanism for defending yourself against key people that may bring your union down. However, it is vital for you to know how to deal with it.

When it comes to jealousy in relationships, you need to understand the various categories of jealousy. There is jealousy that is can be referred to as cute. This is a light form of jealousy that is meant to flatter your mate. It is common and is is mainly acceptable and, there is not much negativity about it. There is also healthy jealousy in relationships. This is one where there is good enough reason to be worried about jealousy. For example, when your husband is constantly going out with female friends, you have a right to be legitimately worried and jealous. The other kind of jealousy is obsessive jealousy. This is one that can be termed as an extreme form of jealousy. It weighs on a relationship because it gets to a place where your spouse is verbally and physically abusive when you talk to a person of the opposite sex. In jealousy that is obsessive, couples are even wary of friends that are not of the opposite sex. This is definitely too much and in many cases, one partner is sick and they might need professional help.

Once you have understood why jealousy in relationships is common, it is vital to look at how you can remedy your problem. First, you have to identify that you have a problem and, when you find yourself too obsessive, you need to look back and know exactly why your jealousy emotions are very strong. Knowing your source of jealousy will provide keys to dealing with your emotions. Jealousy is dangerous if you do not deal with it effectively. Many people have killed their spouses of the issues and, you do not want to reach this stage. It is not worth taking somebody’s life for jealousy. This is mainly you are likely to suffer more in the aftermath.