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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Common Lies Men Tell Their Women

1) What he thinks about your friends.

No matter how much your man loves you, that doesn’t automatically mean he likes your friends. In fact, I happen to know a lot of people who actually don’t like their girl’s friends a lot. This is actually one of the more common lies men tell their partners.

The reason behind this is that they don’t want trouble. You probably won’t know about it until he really can’t stand them anymore.

2) How he is faring at work.

One of the lies men tell their girlfriend or wife is usually about work. When things are going well, he’ll certainly tell you how much work he’s put into a project.

However, when the office situation is less than well, don’t expect him to give you a detailed report. He’ll probably say something general to keep you from worrying. Other men don’t like admitting they’re in a tough spot simply because their ego won’t let them.

3) What he thinks about your outfit.

Some guys lie to keep their partners happy. When you ask whether he likes your outfit or not, chances are he’ll say it looks great on you.

Girls can be sensitive to these kinds of issues and guys know that. So even if you’re wearing a hideous outfit, he’ll be more likely to grin and bear it.

The lies men tell can be very different from each other. Some lies are told in order to hide a secret. Others exist because they serve to keep the women happy. Whatever the reason is, you have to be strong enough to face the situation and work on your relationship one step at a time.


How to Bring Your Ex Back?

Be Absent From Their Life – Many people are under the mistaken impression that if they are always with their ex and in that way they can with them back. This occurs when people panic and it is a natural response to a breakup. Actually, the best thing to do is break off any and all contact for about a month. Give yourself and your ex some time alone to figure things out. You could be shocked one day with him coming to you, asking for a second chance.

Avoid Negative Behavior – While drugs and alcohol are good to numb the breakup pain, it’s highly inadvisable. You should stay away and not get involved with negative behaviors for the chances of you doing something stupid increases. You’ll end up calling your ex late in the night, begging for a second chance, wondering what you did wrong and why he left in the first place. Doing this sort of calling only tells them that they did the right thing in breaking up with you. You ultimately are dubbed psycho. You don’t want this kind of label so avoid both negative outlets.

Fix Your Appearance – This is the time to straighten how you look. If you are overweight, have a hair color you can’t stand, don’t like the clothes you have or want to smile more, then you need to work these out. By working on your appearance, you work on your self-esteem and the confidence you have in yourself. Not only do you impress yourself but when your ex sees you, he’ll be taking a second look at you too.

Get Social – Now, you have worked on your appearance and your self-esteem. This is the time to get out to the clubs. Take some friends with you to a social happening club or bar. If you can go where the singles are, the chances of you getting attention are better. You don’t have to date any of them or date them seriously but it builds your confidence even further the attention you get. Your ex is liable to hear about your outings and wonder why you aren’t at home, crying over him. He’ll get envy about the attention that you are getting from other men. Thus getting you out of his head will be a lot harder for him. This is especially true if the breakup was just as hard on him as it was on you.


Things That Men Really Want From Women

Do not get disappointed if you are confused about the right attitude and approach you need to take towards a man whom you wish to love you all your life. Be cool and relaxed and things will definitely fall apart to reveal the right man with the right attitude and who will definitely love you at first sight. Lady luck and cupid will have to definitely work for this to happen overtime. Still there are few things that need to be done on your side too.

What do men really want from women? Actually there is no need to move a mountain or fight a wide bull to get what you want. Just maintain who you are and try to be little more cautious and conscious of how you move about in his vicinity.

(1) Honest and Self Confidence

Men can easily identify women who flirt from the original women who are looking for relationships. Many women will act as if they are interested in just one man yet will be looking around for other interesting men too. You need to have some integrity and honesty towards the man you wish to have as your own just as you expect your man to be honest with you too. Try to make sincere efforts to make him love you and have a positive attitude that he will love you at all times. Always openly talk about your likes and dislikes and don’t try to fake details just to impress him. Men like women who are open and have a lot of courage and self confidence is the basic thing what men want from women.

(2) Tackle Commitment Talk

Don’t talk about commitment right away. Give time for him to think and allow him space to actually think about it for sometime. Take slow and steady steps and never try to rush up in a relationship. First make sure he has the same feelings that you have towards him and then proceed to reveal your idea of a relationship or commitment. It is always good to get all that from the man’s mouth than spilling it out yourself.